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  1. I was checking the dumps before. On the main motherboard starts to 0.4A without image (old 0,7A-0,9A sometimes backlight). EC 64KB + 000 or FFF no reaction to the switch. My dump:!Y4MnXCpA!QU4TeRoATfn25CK61bQseEk8IF3Hqtyf85xtLs31Iz8
  2. Hello. I looking dump: Lenovo E220s, type 5038 PIVP1 LA-7041P rev 1.0 BIOS main 4MB BIOS EC 128KB
  3. HP ProBook 430 G1

    Hello. I am looking dump for: HP ProBook 430 G1 Motherboard: RACER MB 12239-SD 48.4YV01.OSD
  4. [BIOS]Samsung NP300E5C SCALA3-15CRV

    Dump work OK,. Thank you Master.
  5. Hello. I am looking dump: Samsung NP300E5C SCALA3-15CRV(64bit) rev:1.1 BA41-02097A
  6. Check this:!pxFEWIyb!-V-63mKXAqddxLUiMu-MC49uP9Tfg6uiBdQ3jygZaG8
  7. Hello! LENOVO EDGE E525 WISTRON LGG-1 AMD MB 11203-1 I'm looking for dump 2MB