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  1. my friend How do i set the oscilloscope settings i want to measure some signals in notebook repair with my rigol ds1054z oscilloscope SPROM_DOUT SPROM_CLK Rx and tx signals thanks
  2. my friend asus x542uq rev.2.0 mainboard bios +ec dump IT8995E-128 how to connect to this program Vertyanov JIG ver 4.B thanks
  3. my friend ASUS H81 M70AD DP H81_M70AD_DP_MB_1.01.fz H81_M70AD_DP_MB_1.02.fz bios dump help 25q64 flash thanks
  4. my friendtoshiba satallite p50-b-116VG20SQG20CQG MB REV 2.1ec and main dumpthanks
  5. my friends asus R752M intel bay trial quad-core 3530.up to 2.58ghz mainboard x751md mainboard rev.2.0 ite 8985e 1417-axa 25q64 bios dump hanks
  6. my friend LG 42LA640S: main: LD33B/LC33B/LE33B EAX64797003(1.2) EBR76405101 EAX64908001(1.9) LGP3942-13P t-con: 6870C-0444A LC470DUE-SFR1 schema supply is not working properly 24 volts does not come thanks
  7. my friend lg42la640s schema help thanks
  8. my friendmsi model.MS-16GA1usb problems thanks
  9. my friend Disable RAM onboard Asus X550CL rev.2.1 schema thanks
  10. my friend pegatron h36t mainboard rev.2.3 schematics rt8206 pin out pin.25.3.3v yes pin 16.5v no Changed with new rt8206 5v not coming out There is no short circuit thanks
  11. my friend pin 14 0v pinout rt8206 1.2.6v 2.2.6V 3.5.01V 4.18.1V 5.0V 6.18.5V 7.5.11V 8.0V 9.0V 10.0v 11.0v 12.0v 13.0v 14.0v 15.0v 16.0v 17.4.71v 18.0v 19.5.12v 20.0v 21.0v 22.0v 23.1.02v vpp.9.00 frekans.10.8060khz 24.9.20v freq.10.7 khz 25.3.96v 26.3.37v 27.5.14v 28.0v 29.0v 30.3.34v 31.1.48v 32.0v
  12. my friend satalite c640-121 mainboard 6050A2448001-MB-A02 CT1ORG nuvoton.npce795la0dx bios +ec dump thanks
  13. my friend MT55INP1.V.01 CASPER CHY 4200-8N45A-N nvidia n14p-gv2-b-a1 board-mt55ınp1-v-01 pn: 15bft9-011000 255.58*194*07*1.2MM 8 LEAD FREE GREEN bios dump help
  14. my friend dablddmb8d0 rev.d l750-1mn- PSK2 nvidia n12p-lp-a1 NPCE791LA0DX bios + ec dump help thanks
  15. my friend mainboard 6050A2264901-MB-A02 L300-23C PSLB8E-0QE058RU bios dump and schema help power on 3v ok It does not trigger any thanks
  16. my friend DABLBDMB8E0 REV.E npce791La0dx bios and kbc dump help thanks
  17. my friend toshiba satalite m50d-a-10e mainboard zrmae\zemae la-a551p rev.1.0 bios dump help thanks
  18. my friend e5-571\e5-531 cm5 e5-571-39eb mainboard z5wah la-b161p rev.1.0 2014-02-25 thanks
  19. my friend PBL21 LA-6771P mainboard schema help