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  1. Need LG E1941S Firmware

    Need LG E1941S Firmware.
  2. hi lqv77, ineed ur help in beeprog. i am facing problem to read 1.8v rom ic like 25q64fw. it is not in the library. i knew that elnec beeprog is capable to read 108v rom ic's, but i am stucked on it, how to read these ic's on beeprog. in new 4th generation laptop manufacturer are usiing this low voltage rom ic's. plz help me out bro. thanks.
  3. HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 (Quanta R33) Laptop Schematics

    I need its boardview. Please share, i need it very hard.
  4. needs schematic hp1000

    I need schematic oh Hp 1000 in amd.
  5. Ok , thank for reply. If any update with beeprog, plz update here.
  6. I didnot understand coorectly to connect it to a programmer. Can you help me more breif. I have elnec beeprog, its also an isp programmer.
  7. Schematic hp probook 6555b

    I need schematic of hp probook 6555b wuth amd processor.
  8. need bios for Samsung R60 plus

    I need bios for samsung r60 plus board no. Is ba41-00791a.
  9. Need mbx-266

    I need schematic for mbx-266
  10. [Bios] Acer Aspire E1-521 (Compal LA-8531P)

    Thank you my freind.