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[Firmware] Acer G195HQ

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002:  MSTAR, MST/TSUM/SE/FE series, external flash.

003:  Current selected : MST_EXT_SPI #ISP,Size: 128Mbits,16MBytes.
004:  >------------------------------------OK---------------------------------------<
005:  VGA wire mode: SCL: VGA--15; SDA: VGA--12.
006:  Main Chip ID: 0x3232 .
007:  Auto frequency regulated, scaning ...
008:  Main Chip ID: 0x3232 .
009:  SPIÉÁ´æÐͺţºW25X20£¬»º³åÇøµ÷ÕûΪ256K×Ö½Ú£»×´Ì¬¼Ä´æÆ÷Öµ: 0x8C¡£

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