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Adapter ROM 1.8V W25Q32FW, W25Q64FW, W25Q16DWSS1GC - Giá 150.000vnđ

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Adapter ROM 1.8V W25Q32FW, W25Q64FW, W25Q16DWSS1GC - Giá 150.000vnđ

Hàng đang có tại
Mua hàng ship COD onlline:
Winbond (Winbond):
W25Q10EW, W25Q20EW, W25Q20BW, W25Q40EW, W25Q40BW, W25Q80EW, W25Q80BW, W25Q16DW, W25Q16FW , W25Q32DW, W25Q32FW, W25Q64DW, W25Q64FW, W25F128FW, ...
mxic (Macronix):
MX25U5121E, MX25R512F, MX25U1001E, MX25R1035F, MX25U033E, MX25R2035F, MX25U4035, MX25U4 033E, MX25U4032E, MX25R4035F, MX25U8035, MX25U8035E, MX25U8033E, MX25U8032E, MX25R8035F , MX25U1635E, MX25V1635F, MX25U1635F, MX25R1635F, MX25U3235E, MX25U3235F, MX25R3235F, MX 25U6473F, MX36U6435F, MX25R6435F, MX25U12873F, MX25U12835F, MX25U25635F, MX25U51245G, MX25UM51245G, MX66U51235F ...

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